How does the SEPA DD prenotification work?


If you offer your customers payment by direct debit, you should also ensure that you configure the pre-notification for direct debit accordingly. The purpose of the SEPA pre-notification is to inform the customer of the collection date and amount before the amount due is collected, so that the customer can ensure that there are sufficient funds in his account. The pre-notification should be sent at least 14 days before the due date, unless a different deadline has been agreed with the payer.

At the moment this feature is offered with the PSPs PAYONE, GoCardless (Full API), Unzer, Slimpay, Stripe and Adyen. 

If you want to send out SEPA DD prenotifications, go to "Settings > Documents > Sepa DD Prenotification" and fill in the wanted texts. Now you can activate the automatically prenotification and click at the end the "Save"-button.


Billwerk can, among other things, use the {AmountDue} and {Pay.ProcessingDate} placeholders to automatically fill in the amount to be collected and the date on which the account will be debited. The due date is returned to billwerk by the payment provider and cannot be adjusted manually. For more placeholders, see the list in the Placeholder section.

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