How do I create a contract?


In billwerk, you have three different options for creating a contract:

  1. Customers can signup via the hosted checkout page or your implemented checkout page. Instructions on how to use the hosted pages can be found here
  2. You can create the contract using the REST API. Instructions can be found here
  3. You can create the contract in the Web UI. This article contrains instructions on how to do this. 

A contract requires an existing customer. A guide on how to create a new customer can be found here.

Navigate to the customer you want to add a contract to by going to the customers tab and clicking the desired customer's name. 


Press "Add contract" in the customer details.


Now select all desired options in the "New contract" menu, all fields that are marked in red are mandatory. The "Start Date" determines when the contract starts. You can also chose dates that lie in the past or future. The payment methods available here are "On account" and "Without Payment Data", as all other payment methods must be entered directly by the customer for data protection reasons. This can be done via the hosted customer portal after conclusion of the contract.

In addition, you can immediately post components, metered components, discounts and additional invoice items to the contract, as well as fill contract-related additional fields. Click "Save" to create the contract.


You will now be forwarded to the customer's contract details and can view the newly created contract.



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