How can I issue a one-time credit note to a customer?


You can issue a one-time credit note to a customer who has an existing contract.

To do this, go to the "Customers" tab and click on the contract ID of the customer.


Go to "Perform Action" in the contract details and then choose "Manually Create Credit Note".

Manually Create Credit Note

In the "Create Credit Note" menu you can now enter all necessary credit note information. If you wish to list several credit note positions, you can extend the credit note via "Add Row". Click on "Send" and the credit note will be sent to the customer.

The end date selected under Period of Service is not included in the service period. For example, if you select the 31st of a month, the service period ends on the 30th at 23:59. This date is also output in the document.

Create Credit Note

billwerk will not automatically refund the amount after the credit note has been sent. If you do not carry out a refund, the credit note will be settled with the next regular invoice. If you would like to refund the amount instantly you can do so mannually. You can find instructions how to execute this here.

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