How can I manage user administration and set roles and rights?


As an admin, you can add additional user accounts in your billwerk account-settings and manage their roles and rights.

The following roles are available:

  • Administrator
  • Products
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • ReadOnlyOperations
  • Reports
  • Templates

Add new user

Go to "Settings > Account > User Accounts" and insert the users e-mail address.

Then press the "Invite user"-button.

Manage user role

If a new user is added, he initially has no permissions. In this case, he can only edit his personal details in the settings and cannot see any other menu item.


Billwerk sends an invitation to this email address with a confirmation link, with which the user can complete the registration.

You can see in the list of user accounts which users have already completed registration and which have not yet. From this list, you can resend the invitation to the user if necessary.


Every new user can't see any menu items and has no given rights after the registration except of editing his personal user data. By clicking the edit-button (Edit) the line changes to the edit mode so user rights are assignable and the user name can be changed.


Except of the roles Admin and ReadOnlyOperations every role can be granted in any possible combination.

Roles in billwerk are defined with a bundle of rights. Following roles and rights are available ("rw" = read and write, "r" = read only, "-" = no access)

  Admin Products Operations Finance ReadOnlyOperations Reports Templates
Company rw r r r r r r
Sales Entities
rw r r r r r r
User Accounts
rw - - - - - -
Payment Settings
rw - - - - - -
Payment Escalation
rw - - - - - -
rw r r rw r r r
Billing rw r r r r r r
General Document Settings
rw r r r r r r
Sequences rw r r r r r r
rw r r r r r rw
Accounts rw r r rw r r r
Debitor Ids rw r r rw r r r
Export Settings
rw r r rw r r r
Custom fields
rw r r r r r r
Webhooks rw - - - - - -
Self-Service rw r r r r r rw
KPI Charts r - - - - r -
Log lists
r - r - r - -
all areas rw rw r r r r -
Customers and Contracts              
all areas rw - rw r r r -
all areas rw - rw rw r - -
audit log r - - - - - -
all other areas r - r - r - -
Account Reconciliation
rw - rw rw r - -
Accounting Export r - - r - - -
Reporting r - - r - r -
Handling Fees
rw - rw - r - -


Besides the rights and roles, every user is able to change his personal data and password.

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