What status can payment transactions have?


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General process

Transactions can be in different statuses. billwerk distinguishes between payment transactions and preauthorizations.

Depending on the payment method or the selected payment provider, the transaction process may differ from the standard process.


Preauthorization Flow

Payment transactions

Payment Flow

Status overview

Some statuses are only valid for a very short period of time. These statuses are not listed. If you have any problems with a transaction, please contact our support.

Status Description
Created The transaction was created.
In Progress The payment has been started, but has not yet been completed by the payment provider.
Prepared The customer is in the payment process.
Prel. succeeded The payment transaction on a preliminary basis is successful.
Succeeded The payment was successful.
Canceled The payment was canceled, e.g., actively by the customer.
Chargeback The payment was reversed due to a lack of funds in the account or the customer requested the payment back due to a lack of authorization.
Pending The payment is pending.
Failed The payment was cancelled due to incorrect payment data or an error by the payment provider.
Refunded The payment was refunded.
Part. Refunded The payment was partially refunded.
Part. chargeback The payment was partially chargebacked.
In dispute A dispute has been opened regarding the payment, which is being handled by the payment provider. This status is only available with the payment provider PayPal.
Finalizing The payment will be finalized.
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