How do my customers receive their invoices?


billwerk is offering three modes of dispatch for your invoices to the customer.

1. Email: billwerk can automatically send your invoice to your customer by email.

2. Postal letter: billwerk can print, envelope, frank and forward you invoices for a small amount. The current prices for national and international shipping can be found here.

3. Archive: You can offer your invoices for download as a PDF-File in the customer self-service portal.

You can set a default dispatch type for the documents that is effective for all new logons and you can change the dispatch type for individual customers. You can set the default dispatch method in "Settings > Documents > General Settings" in the section Email Design.


You can change the individual mode of dispatch in the customer details. Go to "Customers", select a customer by clicking on his name, click the "edit"-button, navigate to "Options > Mode of dispatch" and select the desired option.

Note that "Letter" can only be activated, once an address is stored for the customer and "Email" can only be used if an Email address is stored.

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