How can I configure webhooks?


Webhooks are status events that billwerk can send to your backend to inform you automatically about processes in billwerk. To configure webhooks, you need a webhook inbox to be able to receive sent webhooks and evaluate them.

If you have an inbox, go to "Settings > Integration > Webhooks" and select all webhooks you would like to be informed about. Then select the desired authentication type for the webhooks sent by billwerk. You can choose between:

  • No Authentication
  • HTTP Basic Auth
  • Azure Auth (when using Microsoft Azure).

When using HTTP Basic Auth following fields must be configured:

  • User Name
  • Password

When using Azure Auth following fields must be configured:

  • Tenant
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • API Scope

Now enter the receiving URL and click on "Assign". Afterwards you can send a test webhook with "Test URL". All active webhooks now appear on the right. You can also send webhooks to different URLs. 

In "Logs > Webhooks" you can check if a webhook was sent successfully or if there are still errors during configuration.

More general information about billwerk webhooks and descriptions of each available webhook can be found here.


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