How can I create a contract to start in the future without sending an invoice immediately?


If you want to create a contract that starts in the future, you can simply create a new contract with the desired start date. Go to the customer details on "Add contract". If you create a contract like this billing is executed immediately and the first invoice is sent.

If you do not want the initial invoice to be sent until the contract begins, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a new Plan
    1. The plan must not have a trial
  2. Create a new Plan Variant
    1. Choose Fee Period, Billing Period, Contract Period and Notice Period at will 
    2. Set Fee and Setup Fee to 0
  3. Add the customer in the "Customer" tab
  4. Add a contract to the customer (click Customer ID and "Add Contract")
    1. Choose the Plan Variant you just created
    2. Set the Start Date on today
    3. Save the contract
  5. Execute an Upgrade for the contract
    1. Choose the Plan Variant you actually want to asign to the customer
    2. Choose the Start Date
    3. Save the Upgrade

The first invoice for the contract will now be sent on the Start Date of the Upgrade you've chosen. 

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