How can I use my own letterhead?


You can use PDF templates to add your letterhead or layout to your documents. If you configured Sales Entities in your account it is possible to create one template for each entity. The template is used as a background for the creation of invoices, credit memos and dunning notices. It is possible to set a template for the first and a separate template for all subsequent pages.

PDF files up to a size of 100kB are allowed. If your file is larger, try saving it with optimized settings. Make sure that, for example, no unnecessary fonts are included and that the size and resolution of the embedded images correspond to the intended use.
Various tools are available online to help you achieve good compression of the PDF template (e. g.

If you do not yet have a letterhead template, the two attached PDF files will help you to create it. They contain the dimensions of the letterhead for the first and subsequent pages according to DIN 5008 form B.

Configure a PDF Template

To upload your PDF templates, please go to "Settings > Documents > PDF Templates" and click on the "PDF Templates" tab.

If you have configured Sales Entities in your account please choose the Sales Entity you want to create the template for in the first step (1.).


Select the file for the first page (2.) and upload it (3.). Now upload the template for the following pages (4. and 5.). 

This provides you with the templates for your documents.

Please note that these changes only affect documents that are created afterwards.


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