How can I use my own email sender address?


This whitelabel email option enables you to send all emails from your billwerk account with your email sender address. This improves the deliverability of the emails as well as the acceptance by the customers. And by the way - it also  strengthens your branding. For the configuration we charge a one time setup fee that is € 350 (net, plus VAT), the service is billed with € 19 (net, plus VAT) per month. 

Please follow the steps to set up your email sender address with billwerk:

  1. Please write an email to the billwerk support (, indicating your desired domain and your billwerk account (e. g. email address for log in).

  2. The billwerk support will send you an URL with the format http(s):// which has to be temporarily accessible for the domain’s validation.

  3. Please give us feedback via email, as soon as the URL is set up. We will check the set up and possibly contact you if there are further questions.

  4. billwerk will give you feedback, which DNS entries should be set up for SPF and DKIM.

    DNS = "Domain Name System" (
    SPF = "Sender Policy Framework" (
    DKIM = "DomainKey Identified Mails" (
  5. Please give us feedback as soon as the DNS set ups are done or being changed. billwerk will validate the DNS set ups (maybe queries could appear).

  6. If everything is up and running your bilwerk account will be configured to use your new email sender domain. We'll inform you as soon as this has been finished.

  7. You now have to set up your email sender address within your billwerk account settings.

And that's it! All emails will be sent with your email sender address from then on.


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