1. Configuration in your Worldpay account

PrerequisiteYou're connected to Worldpay via the Hosted integration. If not yet done, contact your Relationship Manager to enable Tokenisation, 3DS Flex and Stored Credentials. 

  1.  Go to Account -> Profile
  2. Don't activate 'Disable Original XML Username'
  3. If you need additional security validation, generate MAC secret and put the key in the HMAC-key field in Worldpay Settings in billwerk UI. Another option is to deactivate MAC Secret in your account and leave the HMAC-key field in Worldpay Settings empty.

  4. Please take into account that the processing of Worldpay payments is based on webhooks. To enable webhooks activate 'http' channel with 'xml' content type and 'POST' method. Use the address, provided in the Worldpay Settings in billwerk (Settings - Payment Settings - Worldpay). 
    Hint: The address is dynamic, so it will change automatically depending on the environment you are logged in. 


    Check the following Merchant Channel Events for 'http' mode (C - level): 


    Hint: You should activate all these webhooks, otherwise the configuration will fail!

2. Configuration in your billwerk account

Go back to billwerk UI (Settings - Payment Settings - Worldpay) and fill in the Mode (Test/Live), Installation Id, Merchant Code and Password.


You can also set up delayed execution for recurring direct debit payments, so that customers can be given sufficient time to provide cover on their account for subsequent SEPA pre-announced debits. The minimum for recurring payments is 4 days, initial payments cannot be technically delayed via Worldpay as both authorisation and capture take place simultaneously on the fourth day.

The waiting time for the Webhook before the payment is completed defines the time period in which billwerk initially waits for a Webhook in response to the completion of the payment. If no notification is received within this period, the payment will fail.


3. Test data

Credit Card

Type of Card Card Number
Visa 4444333322221111
Visa 4911830000000
Master Card 5555555555554444

Credit Card +3d secure 

Type of Card Card Number Magic Value of Account Holder
Visa 4444333322221111  3DS_V1_CHALLENGE_IDENTIFIED
Visa 4444333322221111  3DS_V2_CHALLENGE_IDENTIFIED

Other Credit Card data →
Other Credit Card +3d secure data →

SEPA Direct Debit 

IBAN DE89370400440532013000
IBAN DE42512308000000060004
IBAN DE12500105170648489890



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