Which placeholders are available?


Placeholders can be used to output individual data in invoices, credit notes, reminders and e-mails.

Note: Not all placeholders can be used for all templates, the allowed placeholders are listed to the right of the desired template.

The following placeholders are available:

Placeholder Issued value
(from Account > Company)
Merchant.CreditorId Creditor Id
Merchant.CompanyName Company name
Merchant.AddressLine1 Addressline 1
Merchant.AddressLine2 Addressline 2
Merchant.StreetAddress Street
Merchant.HouseNumber Housenumber
Merchant.ZIP Postcode
Merchant.City City
Merchant.Country Country
Merchant.Phone Phone number
Merchant.Website Website
Merchant.IBAN IBAN
Merchant.BIC BIC
Customer / Contract / General (from customer / contract data)
FirstName Firstname
LastName Lastname
CompanyName Company
EmailAddress Email address
ExternalCustomerId External customer Id
ReferenceCode Contract reference code (e.g.: ABCDE-FGHIJ)
DueDate Due date
DebitorAccount Debitor Account id
Customer.CustomFields.**** Customer customfield
Contract.CustomFields.**** Contract customfield
External contract id
PaymentText Text for specific payment methods
Invoice.ReferenceCode Invoice reference code (given by billwerk)
DocumentName Document number (e.g. Invoice number)
DocumentDate Document date
DocumentNumber Document number (e.g. Invoice number)
Balance Contract balance
AmountDue Amount due
Contract end date
SelfServicePortalUrl Link to the hosted contract portal
Order time & date (e.g. 09.07.2020 16:11)
Order.ChangeDate Order change date (e.g. 09.07.2020)
Order.ChangeTime Order change time & date (e.g. 09.07.2020 16:11)
Order.PlanName Ordered plan name
Order.PlanVariantDescription Ordered plan variant description
Direct debit
(from customers payment data)
Pay.MaskedBIC Masked BIC (last four digits)
Pay.MaskedIBAN Masked IBAN (last four digits)


Date when the money will be withdrawn from the customer's account
Pay.Holder Account holder
Pay.BankCode Bank code
Pay.BankAccount Bank account
Pay.MandateReference Mandate reference
Credit card (from customers payment data)
Pay.Last4 Credit card number (last four digits)
Pay.Holder Card holder
Pay.Expiry.Month Expiry month
Pay.Expiry.Year Expiry year
Pay.CardType Card type
PayPal (from customers PayPal data)
Pay.EmailAddress PayPal E-Mail address


You can find additional information about the additional fields available for the accounting export here.

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