How can I set which terms of contract my customers have to accept when ordering via the hosted singup pages?


Via the hosted singup pages, billwerk offers you the possibility to integrate terms of contract into the order process, which your customers have to confirm before completing the purchase. 

The following contractual conditions are supported:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Withdrawal Instructions

The configuration is done under "Settings > Integration > Self-Service" in the "Hosted Signup" tab at the very bottom.

Here you can store URLs for the terms of contract and then prepare these with texts for the signup pages:


The configuration leads to the following result on the order page:


All three checkboxes must be confirmed by the customer during signup to be able to click the "Chargeable order" button. 

"Not Required" terms of contract cannot be accepted by the customer but are displayed without a checkbox, as information.

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