How are authentication credentials of apps managed in billwerk?


In "Settings > billwerk Apps > My Apps" you can manage authentication credentials that enable third party applications to access billwerk.
To register a new app in billwerk, choose a name and a "Client Type" and generate the credentials for the app by clicking on "Add":

My billwerk Apps

The selection of the correct client type for the an app is central. 

Confidential clients are those that can store a secret. Typically this is only relevant for web apps. Confidential clients receive a secret that they have to protect. They can fully authenticate themselves with the credentials. For example, this is required for API integration when using signup pages.

Public clients do not use Secret. This client type can be used e.g. for JavaScript applications, desktop applications or mobile apps. Such clients are typically used with the "resource owner password flow", i.e. the end user must disclose his individual user name and password in addition to the public client ID.

For Confidential Clients an ID and a Secret are generated, while for Public Clients only an ID is generated. 

Existing authentication credentials can be removed from billwerk by clicking the Delete button:

My billwerk Apps



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