How can I automatically assign a contract number to contracts?


billwerk offers the possibility to add an own contract number in the form of an external ID to contracts continuously and automatically. This means that the contract reference number does not necessarily have to be used as the contract number.

To activate individual contract numbers, go to Settings > Documents > Sequences and click on "Create Sequence".Screenshot_1.png

Enter a name for the sequence. Then select the type "Contract" under "Type" and, if desired, activate the checkbox "Apply for new contracts" to activate the automatic assignment of IDs for new contracts.


The IDs are added as External IDs and start with the next value you entered in the "Counter value" field. For example, if the counter value is "0", the next contract will have the ID "1", as shown in the screenshot:



The automatic assignment can be deactivated manually at any time. To do this, deactivate the "Apply for new contracts" checkbox.

Only one "Contract" number range can be active at a time.


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