This article guides you through configuration of your PayEx account, your billwerk account and testing of the configured integration. billwerk supports with PayEx only credit card payments.

1. Configuration of your PayEx account

Let PayEx activate credit card payment method. 

Step 1.

Enter your merchant details, you will get a SHOP ID and a PAYEEID. 


Step 2.

Set Payment Callback in CONFIGURATION.


Step 3.

Go to Access Tokens and add one. Store the token securely.



2. Configuration in billwerk

The settings of the payment service provider in your billwerk account can be facilitated under Settings > Payment Settings > PayEx.

Open the edit-window of PayEx and choose if you are using the PayEx sandbox or productive account.

Enter the saved token and payeeid from your PayEx account, click save.



Choose Credit Card as a payment method in the PayEx line and don't forget to click save.

Note: The following currency-dependent direct debit methods are also available:

  • Autogiro (Sweden)
  • Avtalegiro (Norway)

You are set up!

Note: Additionally, the PayEx has the option to use Betalingsservice for Denmark, integrated with billwerk. To complete integration you need to get in contact with PayEx to get your token:


Warning: If the invoice was written down on PayEx side, billwerk will not be able to confirm the transaction.
This workflow is not supported.

3. Testdata

In order to test the implementation before you go live, you can use the following testdata.

Credit card

Card number 4925000000000004
Expiry date 12/18
CVC 123
Card number 4761739001010416
Expiry date 12/22
CVC 268


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