Nets is a Nordic-based payment service provider that supports recurring payments via credit cards. billwerk supports Nets with the Easy checkout.

To establish a connection between your billwerk account and your Nets profile go to the Settings > Payment settings and click on Edit button.



Copy the secret key without the "Live-Secret-Key-" or "Test-Secret-Key-" from your Nets account and save it in configuration page in the field Secret key in billwerk. Select the secret key from TEST Environment field for test purposes.





In the field "Terms Url" you have to paste the URL that will be shown on the Checkout page via Link "Terms & Conditions".


After finishing the configuration mark the Credit Card checkbox on Payment Settings page and save the changes.



After this you can test the connection. For going live the steps are the same, but the secret key shall be replaced with the secret key for production from your Nets profile. 

You can additionally check the transactions in your Nets profile.








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