The connection to Wirecard is no longer actively supported by billwerk!

1. Configuration of your Wirecard account

The configuration of your merchant account is carried out by Wirecard. Please contact Wirecard Support with the request to configure the account for use with billwerk and the WirecardElastic API.

2. Configuration in your billwerk account

  • Your creditor identification number must be entered by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner, under "Account" > "Company" > "Creditor ID" in the settings of your billwerk account, in order to be able to use SEPA Direct Debit. For test purposes you can use DE98ZZZ09999999999.
  • Besides the configuration mentioned above you have to configure WirecardElastic inside billwerk. Go to "Settings > Payment > Payment settings > WirecardElastic" for entering your data. Click on the "Edit" button there.

The following assignment applies to the access data provided for the fields in billwerk:

Credit card:

C-card MAID Merchant Account Id
Username api-wdcee Https User
Passwort api-wdcee Https Password
C-card secret Secret key Payment Page

Direct debit:

SEPA MAID Merchant Account Id

Username api



Https User

Passwort api



Https Password


3. Test access data

The following access data to WirecardElastic can be used for tests in sandbox mode:

Credit cards without 3-D Secure:

Merchant Account Id 9105bb4f-ae68-4768-9c3b-3eda968f57ea
Https User 70000-APILUHN-CARD
Https Password 8mhwavKVb91T

Credit cards with 3-D Secure 1:

Merchant Account Id 33f6d473-3036-4ca5-acb5-8c64dac862d1
Https User 70000-APILUHN-CARD
Https Password 8mhwavKVb91T

You can find a complete overview of the test credentilas for WirecardElastic credit card payments here.

SEPA Direct Debit:

Merchant Account Id 4c901196-eff7-411e-82a3-5ef6b6860d64
Https User 70000-APITEST-AP
Https Password qD2wzQ_hrc!8

You can find a complete overview of the test credentials for WirecardElastic SEPA Direct Debit payments here.


4. Test data

Credit card

Current test credit cards, with and without 3D Secure, can be found directly in the Wirecard developer documentation.

SEPA Direct Debit

IBAN DE42512308000000060004


5. Limitations

- Direct debit payments can only be made in euro as the currency

6. Account reconciliation

If you use Wirecard as a payment service provider, Wirecard will automatically inform you about returned direct debits via a matching import. If you use Wirecard's new API Elastic Engine, you will also be automatically informed about credit card chargebacks via the reconciliation import.

billwerk retrieves the reconciliation files daily from the Wirecard SFTP server, reads them in and the information they contain is assigned to the corresponding contract accounts and booked.

Problems when importing the reconciliation file

If the adjustment file could not be read in automatically, the most common cause is an expired password for accessing the Wirecard SFTP server. Please contact your Wirecard account manager or directly the Wirecard support and have the password reset. Now assign a new password in Wirecard and save the new password in your billwerk payment settings. To do so, go to "Settings > Payment > Payment settings > Wirecard", click on the "Edit" button and store your new password in the "Reconciliation import" area.


The next time the files are regularly retrieved the next morning, all files not yet downloaded will now be retrieved and read into billwerk.abgleichsimport2.png

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