How can I process SEPA direct debit transactions without a payment service provider?


With billwerk you can process payments via Direct Debit by your house bank without needing to use services of integrated PSPs.

To use the functionality of SEPA-XML please follow the steps described below:

  1. Configuration of SEPA-XML 
  2. Export payment transactions
  3. Hand over payment transactions to house bank 
  4. Account Reconciliation

Configuration of SEPA-XML

In your billwerk account navigate to Settings > Payment Settings and click the edit button mceclip2.png next to SepaXml.


Select the checkbox next to configured and take note of the displayed information regarding this feature.  If you don't want to use the standard execution period which are set for SEPA Direct Debit by default  you can set your preferred execution period right below. Plese note, the IBAN of your bank account and your creditor id have to be filled in the company details (Settings - Account - Company). Afterwards you can save your changes. 



In the list of payment providers you can now select the checkbox Direct Debit for SepaXml. Save to complete the configuration of SEPA-XML.


After setting the payment data for direct debit to the customers contract first a preauthorization and shortly afterwards a processing transaction will be created. You can investigate the payment status in the payment logs. The status of the payment transaction will remain in status Preliminary Succeeded until you export the transactions like described in the next step. After the export the status will switch to Succeeded.





Export payment transactions

The SEPA-XML transactions can be exported as batch in the format pain.008.001.09 or pain.008.001.02 via Activities > Payment Export. Only transactions which haven't been exported yet will be considered as a result in the generated export file.




Hand over payment transactions to house bank

After you generated the export file you can download it from your billwerk account and the transfer the transaction data to your house bank by uploading the file to your bank account. The bank can now process the direct debit transactions.


Account Reconciliation

Only payments are imported during account reconciliation to billwerk, no debits, e.g., chargebacks, refunds are imported or exported. They must be added manually.

After the transactions have been processed by your house bank and you have received the payments of the customers to your bank account you can start to capture them in billwerk. To do so please navigate to Activities > Account Reconciliation. Here you can upload a file of receivables provided by your house bank or capture the receivables manually. 

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