Create/change a contract with virtual IBAN


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Change to payment method On Account (virtual IBANs) via UI

  1. In billwerk, navigate to Customers and click on one of the existing customers from the list.
  2. Select one of the customer's contract from the Contracts list.
  3. In the top-right corner, choose Perform Action>Change payment data.
  4. Select On Account (virtual IBANs) from the Payment method drop-down list.

Payment method and virtual IBAN will be shown in contract details:24.PNG

Change payment method to other than On Account (virtual IBANs)

If the conract changes from On Account (virtual IBANs) to another payment method and it returns back to it, the same vIBAN will remain.

Virtual IBANs are never deleted from Swan, as long as a merchant's account is active in Swan, regardless of whether it is used or not.

Create a contract with a virtual IBAN

If On Account (virtual IBANs) payment method is active, the new virtual IABN will be generated and sent from Swan to billwerk on each contract creation with an On Account payment method. Each contract will have its own dedicated virtual IBAN that customer can pay a receivable.
  1. Make sure you have completed the Swan onboarding.
  2. Your On Account (virtual IBANs) must be checked in the Activated section, in the Payment Settings.25.png
  3. Go to Customers and select one of the customers from the list.
  4. Select Add Contract button in the Contracts section.26.PNG
  5. Fill in a new contract via Admin UI. Choose On Account (virtual IBANs) from the Payment method drop-down. Save the contract.
  6. Newly created contract must have a generated virtual IBAN.29.PNG


  • If IBAN generation fails for any external reasons, contract will not be created at all.
  • Recurring Payments option is not configurable.
  • There is no difference in UI for a customer if that is a virtual or a regular On Account payment method. For merchant's Admin UI, it must be distinguishable.28.PNG

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